Mar 07

I did a double take when I first looked at the webcam this morning and saw that egg!  I wasn’t expecting that for at least a couple days.  She laid it sometime between 7:17 and 7:22 AM.

It looks like she was having a hard time deciding which scrap to lay the egg in…

Picture 22

Picture 23

Picture 24

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 27

And here she is with her first egg!

Picture 28

She should lay her second egg sometime Saturday!

2 Responses to “March 7, 2013 – First EGG!!!”

  1. Greg Inskip says:

    So a comparison with last year suggests that if everything continues to go well, hatching should begin around April 18 and fledging should take place in the last week in May. Fingers crossed.

  2. pefa says:

    Fingers crossed indeed! If she doesn’t lay five eggs, it could be a little sooner though. That’s the big question now, how many eggs will she lay? Coming from the line that she comes from, chances are good that she’ll lay five again!

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